Rotary heat transfer machine – HEATERTEX

Heatertex are an affordable easy to use solution for all your dye sublimation paper transfer
applications. Heatertex transfer machine deliver precision temperature fixation to a broad range
of textile applications, thus saving time on production. An all-steel solid construction provides high
quality performance and ensures.

Heatertex are built foryear on year production.

Sublimation heat press machine is the main piece of equipment that is driving your business, do
research and buy a quality press. It must be reliable and endure the volume of pressing you to
want to achieve over time. Make sure it can handle a long run of printing without losing heat.

The types of you can sublimate:

ROLL TO ROLL: Rotary heat transfer machine for printing continuous and reel-wound materials
PIECE TO ROLL: special rotary heat transfer machine capable of operation in both modes (material
in cut pieces and/or in rolls)

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