Whatever your business need for Sublimation. We make machines for all sublimation industry. We have different kinds of machines for industrial production in continuous format roll to roll and piece to piece production too.

Rotary Heat Transfer Machine

characteristics of our series


HS Series

We designed the HS series for a piece by piece or roll to roll operation, making the HS series ideal for the graphics and shop with a limited space. The HS series is designed with the highest, quality fabrication standards. The HS series is available with a 7″ drum with a ample area of transfer of 44″ and 67″, and a manual and automatic blanket calibration.



HT Series

We designed the HT series for the textile market, providing a robust and flexible solution for roll-to-roll and piece-by-piece applications. This series is available in multiple configurations, from 9″ to 17″ in diameter and an ample 67″ to 87″ transfer area. Our advanced system of calibration with PLC and optional touch screen, offering comfort, confidence, and security.



HI Series

HeaterTex HI series is prepared for the transferring of large industrial sublimation production in small and large formats. The HI series is completely control by PLC system, which guarantees its operation.


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