HT Series

It is made to guarantee a continuous production in the sublimation line.

A robust and flexible solution for roll-to-roll and piece-by-piece applications, the Heatertex Rotary Heat Transfer Machine HT Series is designed for the textile industry. This series comes in a variety of configurations, with drum diameters ranging from 9 to 17 inches and a large transfer area of 67 to 87 inches. Featuring a PLC and optional touch screen, this advanced calibration system provides comfort, security, and energy efficiency.

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• Automation of daily work through the on-off scheduling system
• Steel cylinder with Teflon surface to prevent rust and maintain uniform temperature
• Effective, advanced, and economical heating system
• Industrial heating system with thermal oil
• LCD touchscreen
• Password to enter special options on the LCD panel
• Sublimated fabric meter counter congured from the LCD panel with the option to reset the value
• Cylinder rotation speed control via PLC
• Temperature control via PLC
• Automatic blanket position correction system controlled via PLC
• Pneumatic tensioning system for sublimation paper controlled via PLC
• Oil level indicator to measure the amount of oil in the cylinder
• Independent control system on each roller to collect used material
• Designed for continuous roll sublimation and item sublimation
• Option to change cylinder rotation
• Blanket protection alarm system triggered by advanced sensors
• Emergency stop device
• Five tension rollers for the blanket, one driven by a pneumatic system and controlled via PLC
• Work table for piece-by-piece applications
• Air system for protection paper
• Electrical protection system for power outages
• Optional smoke extractor cover for an additional charge

Technical Specifications


Belt width:
67” / 170 cm

Heat transfer principle:
Thermal oil

Thermal cylinder diameter:
9” / 23 cm

Power required:
7.7 KW

Load rollers:

Take rollers:

Air supply system:
Up to 100PSI

30A-40A at AC 220 V

Size of the blanket:
68’’x 96’’ inches / 1.73m x 2.43m

19” up to 118” per min / 0,5 up to 3m per min

Transfer system:
Roll-to-roll and piece-by-piece

Startup time:
Approx. 50 / 70 minutes

64”x 98”x 82” / 165cm x 250cm x 210cm

Approx. 1870Lb / 850Kg

Max temp:
450°F / 240°C

50-60 Hz

Working table:
70” x 35” / 180 cm x 90 cm

Features and Specifications
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