About us

HeaterTex is specialized and committed to the manufacturing of machines for the textil market with  years of experience, having at their core the best current technology, capable of adapting to the necessities of our clients and improving every day.

HeaterTex objected to achieving, adapting to diversity and entrepreneurship in all its forms. Our philosophy is based on one fundamental principle: THE PURPOSE. We believe that sharing and giving life to this culture of labor is as important as our business strategy. It helps us cooperate, communicate, and celebrate among each other as we are surrounded by talent.

In HeaterTex, we help all in their project to take the decision in making the right purchase. we offer carefully organized information through the selection of high quality products and vendors around the world. Day by day, our incentive is to help companies achieve their projects. The lack of information about our quality never would be an obstacle for your sucess.

We are a company dedicated to offer innovative solutions for textile machines.

We have authorized distributors all over the world. Contact us: Email: sales@heatertex.com