SERIE HI: Prepared for the transfer of large industrial productions small and large format sublimation.

•  Automation of daily work through the on and off programming system.
•  Steel cylinder with Teflon surface to prevent rust and maintain a uniform temperature.
•  System Efficient, advanced and economical
•  Industrial heating system with thermal oil
•  LCD touch screen.
•  Password to access special options on the LCD panel.
•  Sublimated fabric meter counter, configured from the LCD panel with the option to reset the value.
•  Speed ​​controller for cylinder rotation through the PLC.
•  Machine is controlled by SIEMENS brand PLC.
• PLC programmable digital temperature controller.
• Automatic blanket position correction system controlled by PLC.
•  Pneumatic tension system controlled by the PLC for sublimation paper
•  Oil level indicator to ensure the amount of oil in the cylinder.
•  Designed for sublimation by continuous roll to roll and by piece by piece.
• Independent roller control system to collect the used material.
• Option of change of rotation in the movement of the cylinder.
•  Blanket protection alarm through limit sensors.
•  Emergency stop device
•  5 tension rollers for the blanket. The additional tension roller for the blanket is driven by a pneumatic system that is controlled by the PLC.
•  Worktable for piece-to-piece applications.
•  Air system for protective paper.
•  Gas extractor (optional).

Technical specifications

Heating principle: Thermal oil
Voltage: phase 220 V AC
Power: 24 Kw
Cylinder: Size: 190cm / 75” | Diameter: 45cm / 18”
Warranty: One year warranty
Production: 1 to 3 mt / min (39” to 118” / min)??
Sublimation width: Approx. 185cm / 72”
Weight: 1500Lb / 680Kg
Available references:
• HI06731P
• HI08724P
• HI11018P
Loading rollers: 3
Reels: 3
Working temperature: 200°C to 215°C / 392°F to 419 °F
Dimensions: Applications: Dresses, skirts, kimonos, jackets, leggings, crop tops, flags, curtains, footwear, banners, parades, vests, bed covers.