Prepared for the transfer of large industrial productions small and large format sublimation.

The Heatertex Rotary Heat Transfer Machine HI Series is designed for industrial sublimation production in small and large formats. The PLC system controls the entire HI Series, ensuring smooth operation.

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• Automation of daily work through the on-off programming system.
• Steel cylinder with Teflon surface to prevent rusting and maintain a uniform temperature.
• Efficient, advanced and economical heating system
• Industrial heating system with thermal oil
• LCD touchscreen
• Password to access special options on the LCD panel
• Sublimated fabric meter counter configured from the LCD panel with the option to reset the value
• SIEMENS brand PLC.
• Speed ​​control for cylinder rotation via PLC.
• PLC-programmable digital temperature controller.
• Automatic blanket position correction system controlled via PLC.
• Pneumatic tension system controlled via PLC for sublimation paper
• Oil level indicator to measure the amount of oil in the cylinder
• Designed for continuous roll-to-roll and piece by piece sublimation
• Independent roller control system to collect used material
• Option to change cylinder rotation
• Blanket protection alarm system triggered by advanced sensors
• Emergency stop device
• 5 tension rollers for the blanket, one driven by a pneumatic system controlled via PLC
• Worktable for piece-to-piece applications
• Air system for protective paper
• Gas extractor (optional)

Technical Specifications


Heating principle:
Thermal oil

phase 220 V AC

Power required:
24 Kw

Size: 190cm / 75” | Diameter: 45cm / 18”

Warranty duration:
One year

1 to 3 m / min (39” to 118” / min)

Sublimation width:
Approx. 185cm / 72”

1500Lb / 680Kg

Available references:
• HI06731P
• HI08724P
• HI11018P

Loading rollers:


Working temperature:
200°C to 215°C / 392°F to 419 °F

Working temperature:
200°C to 215°C / 392°F to 419 °F

Applications: Dresses, skirts, kimonos, jackets, leggings, crop tops, flags, curtains, footwear, banners, parades, vests, bed covers.